“Funny, timely, moving, engaging!!”     - Jason McKee , Hearst Publishing

“Plan B is a tight and concise look at the universal desire to have children.  But “Plan B” is about single women who don’t or can’t wait until Mr. Right comes along.  Not anymore.  Beth Cramer has delved deeply and made a film that will appeal to women around the world."     - Brian W Brown, New Yorker Films​

“I was moved by the film and realized that there are so many women out there in those same situations.  I have a couple of single g-friends in their mid-30’s that don’t even have a date in sight and wonder about their future/family.  I really related to the film."      - Karina Steiner, Creative Director EURO

​​“Great documentary!!”    - Laura Kalehoff , Editor SELF Magazine​​

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