​About Plan B Single Women Choosing Motherhood A film by Beth Cramer

Romance, love, marriage, family. This is what every little girl thinks of as Plan A for their lives. But in today’s reality, many of those girls have grown into women who pursued careers, fell in and out of love and now face the tough question of how to have a family without the other factors coming first. Welcome to the women of Plan B. Intelligent, successful and vibrant, they are choosing to take matters into their own hands, and thanks to an open society and advanced reproductive technologies, they are succeeding.

This documentary explores the new social picture single motherhood presents and the reasons this trend is snowballing among women in their thirties to mid forties. Edited as a dynamic conversation between fourteen women who never meet, but share a common bond, the film captures these women’s most intimate thoughts on everything from failed relationships to choosing the perfect sperm donor and the financial and emotional stakes that come with being a single parent. As the issues of single motherhood unfold, so do the engaging personalities of these remarkable women.

Running time:64minutes ​